If you’re looking for impeccable customer service and a keen eye and appreciation for style, value and meaning, look no further than Style MAR. Borrow a little bit of uber-hip personal shopper expertise and experience style through osmosis; everything she touches turns to downright fabulous (and, on occasion, gold)! -Melissa, San Francisco, CA

It is tremendously liberating to have free closet space, with all the remaining pieces things that I know I will wear and look good in. When she “detoxed” my closet, which was full of never-worn sentimental favorites and outfits that didn’t fit, she was very firm but also fair. Maren has a great balance between tactfully helpful and brutally blunt. She is a well-organized personal shopper who knows not only what’s hot now in fashion, but also what I’m actually likely to wear. Maren chooses pieces I might never think of for myself – but I love them once I try them on. Maren has a real “artist’s eye” for color and line. She’s the kind of instinctive shopper who can eyeball a rack of clothes in seconds and spot exactly the piece she’s looking for and she doesn’t try to bully me into buying something that is chic but that will probably stay on the hanger instead of on me. She knows how to find bargains, but also when an expensive piece is really worth it; I can always trust her judgment. – Melinda, Seattle, WA

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