I need a last-minute gift! Help!

Contact Style MAR for a Gift Certificate for any of our services. You can print out and present your gift within minutes! Of course, more time and preparation are always preferred when choosing a present for a loved one. But Style MAR can select and send the Perfect Gift with a minimum of 5 business days.

I am overwhelmed. I know I need to go through my clothes and organize my closet with a Closet Reboot, but I’m afraid to have someone throw out my favorite things. Can I trust you?

Style MAR will meet with you to discuss your wardrobe goals and desires, and work with you to make dressing each day a simplified pleasure. A bigger closet is not a better closet. Sometimes we “collect” clothes that sit in the closet unworn. My job is to make recommendations for which pieces to pass on, repair and rejuvenate, and re-organize… not to get rid of your favorite things. All of my clients find this process incredibly helpful, rewarding, and a lot of fun too.

I’m pretty conservative in dress, politics… and money. What budget can you recommend?

Depending on the service, we can tailor your experience for your budget. We treat each client with same courtesy, drive, and insight, no matter the budget. We have worked with shopping budgets ranging from $200 to “let’s splurge!” Contact Style MAR for a price list of services.

Why use a personal shopper? Don’t department stores offer this?

Let me count the ways.  A personal shopper helps their clients focus on their needs and organize their excursions.  The result is  that you spend less time and money shopping, and end up with better results. A personal shopper can also help you see the big picture of your closet, creating a total wardrobe that works for you, instead of individual pieces. A personal shopper can bring a fresh perspective to your personal style, and a reboot to your closet. Department store services are limited by their buyers and current store offerings. What girl doesn’t want more options? Additionally, Style MAR offers the personal service of in-home consultation and delivery.

How can a personal shopper save me money?

A personal shopper will help you build a wardrobe that works for you and teaches you to invest in pieces you will actually wear. We help you direct your resources in the right direction for your lifestyle. With strategic planning, organization, and a needs-focused approach, a personal shopper will prove to be valuable.

Where do you typically shop with/for your clients?

From Park City to Salt Lake City, Outlets to Nordstrom to local boutiques and online stores.

Does Style MAR only assist female clients? What about the boys?

Style MAR looks forward to assisting you, no matter your age or sex, we all deserve great style.


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