Maren Mullin, Style MAR  + 435-659-9659

After years of assisting friends and associates with their own personal shopping needs, Style MAR founder Maren Mullin is bringing her personal shopping and closet organization expertise to you.

The focus is on you, the client. Does what you wear make you look your best? We each are unique, and by discovering and developing your own individual style you will unlock a new outlook on life, gain confidence, and see yourself in a new and much brighter light.

Style MAR services and packages are designed to assist you in looking (and feeling) your best. What you wear should be a reflection of your personal and professional image and personality. What you gift is a reflection of your love.

Dressing well is not all that difficult. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A well chosen selection of garments can be combined in a stylish way to a seemingly endless number of ensembles. The Perfect Gift will be remembered for a lifetime. And a Closet Reboot will make your mornings efficient and effortless.

“There is nothing more rewarding than when a client sees herself in the mirror as the smart, confident, beautiful, and stylish woman she is.” -Style MAR founder, Maren Mullin.

Want to spoil your loved one? Just contact Style MAR at 435.659.9659 for a perfectly stylish Gift Certificate.

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